At Vantage Law Group, we have a streamlined approach to providing legal services to the commercial real estate industry, with a sharply-focused legal team that isn’t mired in bureaucracy or the conventional constraints often associated with practicing law at a large firm. With decades of combined experience working for well-run companies and large firms, our attorneys have exceptional training. But we also know firsthand the challenges associated with the traditional big firm model. We’ve left the large firm environment to bring legal services to real estate clients in a better way.


We work with you, not just for you — assessing clients’ real estate needs from their point of view, with a key concept at our core — success is shared. Our attorneys will integrate into your team to make every project a success. This principal perspective pushes our committed team to be more responsive, more agile and more flexible than a traditional law firm, making Vantage the premier choice to meet the complex legal needs of even the most sophisticated clientele in the commercial real estate market.


We are entrepreneurs. We are problem solvers. And we are proven negotiators: able to give and take, compromise, invite, evaluate and navigate from our unique perspective without losing the larger purpose for taking action. Our ultimate objective is to help our clients effectively assess and manage risk while ensuring maximum reward. To this end our attorneys work side-by-side with clients, to effectively define problems, identify opportunities and engage parties in decision-making and policy-making that achieve our shared goals.


At Vantage, we enjoy what we do. Our clients are smart and fun to work with. And we hope that our clients feel the same way about us.

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